In the wake of Citizen’s United, the ability of the affluent and business interests to control politics and policies is reaching unprecedented levels. However, while the ruling increased their grip, these monied interests have long had a hold on politics and policies. In Stacked Deck, David Callahan and I explore how the affluent and business interests dominate politics and policy-making through lobbying and campaign contributions.

One of the few antidotes to outsized spending is publicly financed campaigns. I interviewed former and sitting legislators in Connecticut to see their views on how the public financing system worked in the state. In Fresh Start, I highlighted the changes that came in CT after the public financing system was adopted, including an increase in the minimum wage, Same Day Voter Registration, a statewide EITC, the first statewide paid sick days initiative, and a more diverse legislature.

In addition to limiting spending, a healthy and vibrant democracy makes voting as easy and accessible as possible. In Millions to the Polls, we present 16 common sense policies to streamline and simplify the registration process, make the voting process work, and protect and count every vote.

Speaking of voter registration, I analyzed the National Voter Registration Act 20 years on. Registering Millions looked at the history of the NVRA and offered recommendations for how to expand it to ensure even more eligible voters register.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.14.11 PM

In addition to research reports, here are some of my writings on these issue:

The Influence of Money in Politics

Public Financing

Voting Rights


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